10 Notorious Cyber Gangs


MORE CONTEXT: The Russian Business Network, or RBN, is one of the “the most dense concentrations of cybercriminal activity on the Internet,” says Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence at SecureWorks. This loosely-affilliated network of criminals was brought together first in 2004 when certain elements of the Russian crime scene came together to provide “bulletproof hosting,” basically hosting that would not take down cybercriminals' shady sites as long as they paid their bills.

“They are kind of like the landlord of the scourge of the Internet,” says Zulfikar Ramzan, a security researcher for Symantec. The hosting provider first developed by these folks was called RBN and got its start in St. Petersberg, Russia. But as unwanted attention grew around its operation, RBN dispersed and began a more distributed approach to hosting.

“RBN is a complete misnomer, because there's really no such thing as RBN (anymore),” Ferguson says. Today, certain researchers like Jackson use the RBN moniker to label a number of the former RBN clients in order to conceptualize this dangerous group of Russian and Ukranian crooks that are still up and running scams daily.


For several years now, security researchers have warned enterprises and government organizations of the growing threat posed by organized cyber criminals. Online crime rings are fleecing organizations out of customer and employee personally identifiable information, stealing passwords, intellectual property and more.


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