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Cyber Storm II—The Most Comprehensive Cyber Exercise in U.S. History

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Posted 2008-04-04 Print this article Print

The annual security-fest at the RSA Conference begins April 7. If you’re currently planning your meetings and sessions schedule, be sure to consider the following track sessions.



7. Cyber Storm II—The Most Comprehensive Cyber Exercise in U.S. History

Time: Wednesday, April 9, 12:00 PM

Speaker: Greg Garcia, Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications, Department of Homeland Security

This session will feature DHS bigwig Greg Garcia, who will offer up results from the March 2008 Cyber Storm exercise and provide advice on how organizations can improve their cyber-response capabilities.

8. Avoiding the Security "Groundhog Day"

Time: Thursday, April 10, 9:10 AM

Speakers: Mike Rothman, President, Security Incite; Richard Mogull, Founder

Securosis, L.L.C., Ronald Woerner, Security Engineering Consultant, Information Security, TD Ameritrade ThinkTech; Martin McKeay, Blogger/Podcaster, Network Security Blog; David Mortman, CSO-in-Residence, Echelon One

Picking a conference session is kind of like choosing college courses; you always want to pick based on the “professor,” not the session topic. We think this session will be great because the panel includes some of the more outspoken characters in the security world. They’ll discuss how to avoid wasting time making the same mistakes to solve the same old security problems.


9. Case Study: Implementing Open Source in a Corporate Environment

Time: Thursday, April 10, 10:40 AM

Speakers: Richard Maathey, Information Security Manager, Experian CheetahMail;  Barbara Fennell, BISO, Experian

Two of Experian’s security experts will discuss their successes in changing the attitude in their organization to make colleagues comfortable bringing the power and flexibility of open source software to its security practice.


10. Understanding Sensitive Enterprise Data Flows

Time: Friday, April 11, 9:00 AM
Speakers: Dan Manley, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP; Earl Porter , Director Information Security, Transamerica; Ted Claypoole, Member, Womble Carlyle; Renee Guttmann,
ISO, Time Warner; Nancy Wilson, Senior Director Enterprise Information Security, Time Warner Cable

This panel will examine how to best develop methods to discover, analyze and categorize customer data in order to strike a secure balance of document maintenance, access control, confidentiality and cost.

For more information about these sessions and their location within San Francisco’s Moscone Center, visit www.rsaconference.com.

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