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Google Adds Buzz Links to Social Search

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Google June 29 said it is adding links that appear in Google Buzz to its Google Social Search service, a potential precursor to the Google Me social service the company is reported to be planning.

Those who have connected Websites such as Twitter to Buzz see their tweets in Buzz and in their Google profiles, and Google Social Search will follow those public links in the Buzz tab to flesh out users' results. Look out, Facebook.

Hot on the heels of reports that Google is building a social network to challenge Facebook, the company said June 29 it will begin adding links that appear in Google Buzz to its Google Social Search service.

Google Social Search lets users find Web content published by friends as a way to make users' search experience more personal.

The service links users' Google accounts and their Google profiles, surfacing users' content in what Google calls a "social circle."

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This article was originally published on 2010-06-30
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