Eckerd Base Technologies

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Retailing is getting cutthroat. In major metropolitan areas, direct rivals are opening up shop across the street, daring the other to blink and pull up stakes. Among neighborhood pharmacy chains, Eckerd is now in a fight for its life, as Walgreens threate

Eckerd Base Technologies

Eckerd is building an inventory management system, using mostly off-the-shelf software and hardware. The aim: Make sure stores are stocked properly, customer's shopping habits are recorded and profits are maximized.

Inventory optimization and planning Retek Demand Forecasting. Planned upgrade: Retek Allocation Retek
Merchandise operations Retek Merchandising System, Retek Sales Audit. Planned upgrade: Retek Trade Management Retek
Workflow and business-process management Retek Active Retail Intelligence Retek
Wireless network for stores Spectrum24 Access Point Symbol Technologies
Mobile computers for stores Symbol PDT 3140 (Portable Data Terminal 3100 Series) Symbol Technologies
Store receiving terminals Maxspeed 8300 Maxspeed
Point of sale technology (scanning cash registers) IBM 4690 IBM
Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment Collaborative planner Worldwide Retail Exchange
Data warehouse software Oracle 8.0.5, running on IBM NUMA-Q server Oracle, IBM
Mainframe database IMS (being phased out), DB2 IBM
Database integration tool DataJoiner IBM
Job scheduling Maestro (also known as Tivoli Workload Scheduler) IBM's Tivoli unit
Operating Systems
The Retek server software runs on IBM NUMA-Q servers, with the Dynix/ptx 4.4.8 operating system. Two application servers and two Oracle database servers run in parallel, with a fail-over capability that allows one to take over if the other malfunctions. The Oracle data warehouse also runs on the NUMA-Q/Dynix platform.

Eckerd's mainframe environment is an IBM G5, running OS/390 v2.10 operating system, plus applications based on COBOL, DB2, IMS, CICS, VSAM, and MQSeries. The mainframe also hosts applications based on Computer Associates' Easytrieve and the SAS analytical database. While Eckerd has moved away from wholesale outsourcing, the mainframe is still managed by IBM at its data center in Lexington, KY.
SOURCES: Eckerd, IHL Consulting

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