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's Who, On and Off the Battlefield">

Who's Who, On and Off the Battlefield

Player Roster


GEN. David Petraeus
Commanding General of Multi-National Force-Iraq
Appointed in February by President Bush, Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, U. S. Ambassador to Iraq, will return to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 15 to report to Congress on the state of the war.

Donald Rumsfeld
Former Secretary of Defense
Before he stepped down in November 2006, Rumsfeld pushed to get the Department of Defense to approach its business-including its information-technology assets-the way a corporation would. He declared war on the Pentagon's bureaucracy the day before the Sept. 11 attacks.

MAJ. GEN. Charles Fletcher
Director of Operations and Plans, U.S. Transportation Command
Fletcher says the Transportation Command, in charge of moving troops, equipment and supplies, "will execute whatever hand we're dealt [in terms of an exit plan] to do the job we have to do."

MAJ. GEN. Michael Diamond
Deputy Director, U.S. Central Command J-4 Logistics Directorate
Diamond's command oversees U.S. troops in 26 countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He believes a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, done right, could take two years.

COL. Jeffrey Mintzlaff
Chief of the Transportation Command's J-3 contingency division
The military is making progress but has work to do to make its supply chain more efficient, Mintzlaff says. He heads the contingency division, which plans and directs all air and surface movements for the Central, Southern and European commands.

Mary Legeret
Iraq Operations Officer, Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS)
A civilian on her fourth tour of Iraq, Legeret, who works with the unit that recycles and disposes of military equipment, is investigating how much equipment will hit the DRMS facilities in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan once the exit starts.

LT. COL. Marvin Benoit
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, U.S. Transportation Command
Benoit helps the services plan how cargo ships get packed to and from Iraq, using a custom-built application called ICODES and the brawn of sailors and stevedores.

LT. COL. Patrick Burden
Army Automatic Identification Technology unit
Burden and his unit are working on RFID projects for the Army to more closely track equipment and supplies in transit through the war zone.

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