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The Technology of Oil Exploration

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2006-05-06 Print this article Print

Exxon looks to homegrown applications to gain a competitive advantage in oil exploration.

ExxonMobil uses a global deployment of SAP to run the majority of its standard business operations, but relies heavily on proprietary applications for finding, tapping and producing oil and gas.

Complete suite of enterprise software MySAP.com SAP
Database for SAP DB2 IBM
Procurement Ariba Spend Management Ariba
Purchasing analysis Ariba Supplier Performance Management Ariba
Desktop and server applications, developer tools Office suite, server products, SQL Server, Visual Basic, MS Access Microsoft
Customer relationship management Siebel for Oil and Gas Siebel/Oracle
Business intelligence Hyperion Intelligence Hyperion
Service-oriented architecture development tool WebLogic BEA Systems
Seismic technology for locating oil and gas ExxonMobil 4-D Seismic ExxonMobil proprietary
Reservoir simulator for optimizing oil and gas reserves EMPower ExxonMobil proprietary
Real-time analysis of drilling operations ExxonMobil Fast Drill Process ExxonMobil proprietary
Interpretation of data from drilling activities GeoFrame Schlumberger
Earth modeling VoxelGeo Paradigm
Oil-field project database OpenWorks Landmark Graphics
Geological interpretation StratWorks Landmark Graphics

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