How SOA is Changing Integration

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Business integration garnered a ton of buzz early in the decade. But companies soon learned that point-to-point integration often led to "spaghetti" architectures, leaving a tangled web of programs that actually set back their efforts at increasing efficiency.

With the advent of service-oriented architecture (SOA), though, organizations have found new ways to connect and reuse their computing resources. And as the market matures, customers are finding a plethora of products to choose from—offered by specialty vendors as well as big-name I.T. providers. Story Guide:

Lead Story: Turning Integration on Its Head
As SOA software tools evolve, companies are finding more efficient ways to utilize their I.T. resources.

Vendor Profiles

  • IBM: Building Up
  • Tibco Software: Expanding Horizons
  • WebMethods: Shifting Gears


    Project Pointers
    Experts offer three crucial tips for building an SOA.

    This article was originally published on 2007-07-19
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