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The U.S. Steel Player Roster

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2002-06-01 Print this article Print

Thomas Usher

Chairman and CEO

Usher, chairman and CEO of USX before the company was split into U.S. Steel and Marathon Oil on Jan. 1, has led the steelmaker's expansion into several new markets. He began with U.S. Steel in 1966 when he joined the company's industrial engineering department.

Roy Dorrance

Vice Chairman and COO

Dorrance, a 34-year veteran of U.S. Steel, is considered by company insiders to be the driving force behind Straightline. He was one of the original executives to develop and plan out the Straightline venture. As U.S. Steel's then-vice president of new business development, he also led Straightline through its crucial startup phase. He was named to his current post on Jan. 1.

Robert Dryburgh

President, Straightline

Dryburgh is responsible for all business operations and for setting Straightline's strategic direction. He took charge of Straightline in September 2001, succeeding Dorrance, and guided Straightline through final ramp-up and launch.

Gene Trudell

Managing Director, Information Technology Services

Trudell was instrumental in the launch of Straightline. Not only was he a member of the planning team, but the systems he and his information services staff developed at U.S. Steel provided the technology platform necessary for Straightline's launch.

Daniel Pavlick

Managing Director, Strategy and Information, Straightline

Pavlick oversees strategic planning, marketing, customer relationships and information technology. Specializing in electronic business, Pavlick joined Straightline in the spring of 2001 from Zeefer, an Internet consultancy.

Bill Kelly

Director of Operations, Straightline

A member of the original concept team, Kelly led the development of the Straightline business model. Kelly, a 26-year veteran of U.S. Steel, was the company's general manager of business process reengineering before joining Straightline full-time in the fall of 2000.


Mike Shanahan

Vice President, The Boston Consulting Group

In early 2000, Shanahan was a consultant with Arthur D. Little and led the ADL team brought in by U.S. Steel's management to explore ways to create the most profit for shareholders. His ADL team evaluated U.S. Steel's information technology and determined that the company's information systems architecture was strong enough to support new business initiatives.

Gary Cooper

Project Engineer, Sun Professional Services

Cooper directed the deployment of Straightline's hardware platform, based on the Sun Enterprise 10000 Server. He also was responsible for training the Straightline staff to use the Solaris operating system.

Shoaib Abbasi

President, Strategic Systems

Abbasi participated in the early systems planning stages and helped set many of the requirements for Straightline's electronic means of aggregating orders.

Keith Jansen

President, Transtar Logistics

Jansen and his team of logistics engineers set up, and now manage, Straightline's methods of transporting steel. Transtar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transtar Inc, which is a direct subsidiary of U.S. Steel.

To protect roster members' privacy, their e-mail addresses have been omitted. You can direct mail to them at baseline@ziffdavis.com. It will be forwarded.

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