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Polycom may have thought—by expanding from audioconferencing to videoconferencing to desktop conferencing—it could please all the people, all the time.

Polycom Reference Checks

Matt Heath
Project Manager, I.S.
(419) 248-5475
Project: Glass-fiber company uses
55 Polycom 512s
primarily for manufacturing meetings and company broadcasts.

Nottingham-Spirk Design

Tom Moore
I.T. Coordinator
(216) 231-7830 ext. 127
Project: Cleveland-based firm uses a PictureTel 970 about once a week for concept-development client meetings.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber

Chris McDaniel
Network Services Consultant
(330) 796-0450
Project: One PictureTel Concord and roughly a dozen Polycom 512s have been deployed over the last few years.


George Fortney
Senior Engineer, I.T.
(609) 734-3048
Project: A longtime videoconferencer, the technology firm bought 3 Polycoms in 2002.

National Public Radio

Dennis Herndon
Audio Engineering Supervisor
(202) 513-2487
Project: Relies on four Polycom units to keep staffers in Washington and Los Angeles connected.

World Bank

Hajrudin O. Beca
Service Manager
(202) 473-7421
Project: With one of the world's largest videoconferencing networks, the international organization relies mostly on Polycom units, along with some leftover PictureTels (and one very prominent Tandberg unit).

U.S. Postal Service

Robert L. Otto
(202) 268-5400
Project: Tried desktop PictureTels before the quality was there; after years on PictureTel and Polycom room systems, the agency is ready to give desktop videoconferencing another go.

Polycom Operating Results *
  2003YTD 2002^§ 2001§
Revenue $92.9M $466M $383M
Gross margin 58.4% 56.5% 56.5%
Operating income/loss -$5.1M $34.4M -$21.9M
Net income/loss -$2.4M $26.8M -$27.7M
Net margin -$2.6% 5.7% -7.2%
Earnings per share -$0.02 $0.27 -$0.33
R&D expenditure $19.8M $76.8M $59.4M
*Fiscal year ends Dec. 31; 2003YTD reflects first three months
§ '01, '02 include acquisition-related costs; ^Includes $17M for
§ '01, '02 include acquisition-related costs; ^Includes $17M for amortization of purchased intangibles; $1.6M for restructuring
Other Financials**
Total assets $1.07B
Stockholders' equity $899M
Cash & equivalents $174M
Long-term liabilities $36.9M
Shares outstanding $100M
Market value at 4/29 $959M/font>
**As of March 31, except as noted

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