Group Dynamics

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Hiring outside contractors to develop software no longer qualifies as a radical move.

Group Dynamics

Category: Offshore outsourcing

What It Is: Subcontracting out technology work to third-party providers at overseas locations.

Key Players: Tata Consulting, Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Syntel (headquartered in India); EDS, Accenture, IBM Global Services, Cognizant, CSC (based in the U.S., but with operations overseas, including India).

Others: Alternative regions are known for different skill sets, and range in terms of cost savings: Russia (complex development), Philippines (business processes), China (low-cost development), Ireland, Romania—even Canada and Mexico (so-called nearshore options).

Market Size: $12B* (2002)

What's Happening: After years of delivering cost savings in low-end development, Indian firms are expanding their offerings. Meanwhile, China's begun to undercut on price, and large American firms see the value of moving in themselves.

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* Source: Aberdeen Group. includes work done by overseas firms as well as offshore production by U.S. and European Technology industries.

This article was originally published on 2003-06-01
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