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Reference Checks

By Joshua Weinberger  |  Posted 2003-06-01 Print this article Print

A co-founder of the firm, he was chief executive until March 2002.

Reference Checks

Meridian IQ
Dan Bentzinger, CIO
(913) 906-6862
Project: In 2002, Infosys was chosen to develop a Web-native transportation-management system for this division of Yellow Corp.

Kansas City Southern
Scott Arvidson
(816) 983-1372
Project: In 2000, the railway had a peak of 110 Infosys developers, at times working a 24x5 cycle.

LexisNexis Group
Bradley Clark
Manager of Global Resourcing
(937) 865-1154
Project: Infosys is one of four firms the text-and-data company is using for offshore software development.

BNSF Railway
Jeffrey Campbell
VP, Technology Services & CIO
(817) 352-3605
Project: Infosys handled a two-year project to rewrite a compensation system for crews.

Commonwealth Industries
Kathy Gould
VP, Organizational Development
(502) 588-3955
Project: The aluminum manufacturer had Infosys develop and configure software to handle financials and procurement.

Eastman Chemical
Dave Holden
Director, E-commerce & Supply-Chain Systems
(423) 229-4570
Project: The manufacturer of plastics, fibers, and polymers has relied on Infosys for several years, tasking as many as 35 offshore developers for e-commerce and intranet application development.

GreenPoint Mortgage
S.A. Ibrahim
President, CEO
(415) 878-5280
Project: The housing-finance company uses Infosys for development of its loan-origination system, and for some call-center operations.

Executives listed here are all customers of Infosys Technologies. Their willingness to talk has been confirmed by Baseline.

  2003FY 2002FY 2001FY
Revenue $754M $545M $414M
Gross margin $219M $179M $138M
Net income $195M $164M $132M
Net margin 25.8% 30.2% 31.9%
Earnings per share $2.93 $2.49 $1.98
*Fiscal year ends March 31
Other Financials**
Total assets $704M
Stockholders' equity $626M
Cash & equivalents $354M
Long-term debt None
Shares outstanding 66.5M
Market value at 5/29 $5.7B
**As of March 31, except where noted
source: Company Reports

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