Group Dynamics

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Think you have a handle on your company's technology initiatives?

Group Dynamics: Project-Portfolio Management

What it is: Software that helps companies prioritize technology initiatives by financial metrics and strategic value.

Key players: Business Engine, Kintana‡, Niku, Pacific Edge, ProSight.

Others: Artemis, Changepoint, Lawson, Microsoft, PlanView, Primavera

Market size: It depends. $85M in

2002, says Meta Group; $358M, says Gartner. But both estimate roughly $540M by 2005.

What's happening: As buzzwords such as "alignment" get hotter, vendors are pushing portfolio management as a way to satisfy corporations' growing desire to make technology heed the whip of profitability.

Expertise Online: www.gantthead.com Paul Harder leads discussions on what users do and don't know.

How companies* are applying project-portfolio management:

  • 55% To define and document projects and assets

  • 48% To centrally track key projects and assets

  • 23% To provide weighted scores to rank projects

  • 14% To monitor portfolio with automated software

    * Survey of 130 senior information technology executives; multiple responses allowed

    Companies in italicized yellow type are featured in dossiers this month; ‡ Acquired by Mercury Interactive, August 2003 Sources: Survey by Society for Information Management, Kellogg School of Management and DiamondCluster

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    This article was originally published on 2003-10-01
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