IT Management: The Changing Face of Employees

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Re-Thinking HR: What Every CIO Needs to Know About Tomorrow's Workforce

How diverse are information technology organizations today? And what does that mean for your career? Learn about the latest trends in hiring and recruiting.

The Ever More Diversified Face of IT
From Demand for IT employees from different backgrounds is growing, but statistics suggest that there is still a long way to go.

Question: Do you think IT organizations are doing enough to recruit, train and promote a diverse workforce? Write a letter to the editor at:

Opinion: IT Shops Overlook Primary Source of Expertise Baseline senior writer Kim S. Nash points out: Many companies shy away from tech-savvy baby boomers in favor of younger, cheaper hires. Not smart.

Career Tips: How To Smash the Glass Ceiling
Women are severely underrepresented in all top corporate leadership positions, including chief information officer, but don't let the numbers spook you, say three CIOs, an executive recruiter and a global consultant. Savvy companies are starting to recognize the value of female leaders. Learn their tips for success.



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