Does GE Have the Best I.T.?

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From its embrace of ITIL, its clever balance between centralized and decentralized IT, and its rigorous management training, General Electric's tech team follows best practices. It's won a number of IT awards. And it's helped GE grow into a $163 billion b

The $163 billion global conglomerate's information-technology strategy and performance mirror the company's corporate philosophy—to be the leader in the markets in which it operates. The I.T. group follows a number of best practices. But how good is it?

Story Guide:

  • Striving for Excellence
  • What Makes GE So Good?
  • Best Practice #1: Powering Six Sigma and ITIL With I.T.
  • Best Practice #2: Balancing Centralized & Decentralized I.T.
  • Best Practice #3: Training CIOs For Excellence
  • Best Practice #4: Using CIOs as change agents

    Also in This Feature:

  • GE Who's Who: When legendary CEO Jack Welch looked to deploy a Six Sigma campaign, he turned to CIO Gary Reiner.

  • CIOs on the Move: Many former GE information chiefs now run their own shows.

  • By the Numbers: GE sets the performance bar, outshining others.

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    This article was originally published on 2007-06-12
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