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Baseline 500: Industry Leaders

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From the tiny to the king-sized, the best information managers among banks, health care and other industries show that size doesn't matter. Efficiency does.

Leaders Ranked by Industry
Look at the Baseline 500 by industry, and you'll see how no single segment has a lock on managing information well. Health-care firms, which zing high-cost transactions around a byzantine industry, keep up with banks and energy companies, which operate in structured settings. Notice, too, how old-line companies such as Bowl America, with an Information Productivity score of 305.8%, outpace state-of-the-art players, such as Merck and its IP of 57.5%. View the PDF of leaders by industry -- Turn off pop-up blockers!

Leaders Ranked by Revenue
Does size matter? Not necessarily, when the goal is a high ranking in the Baseline 500 list. In fact, a look at the numbers below suggests that smaller companies able to handle information nimbly actually have an advantage over their richer rivals. Six of

the top 10 companies in this year's ranking have annual sales of less than $500 million, and the best showing by a corporation with sales topping $10 billion was Caremark Rx, at No. 25.

View the leaders by size -- Turn off pop-up blockers!

This article was originally published on 2006-10-15
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