Special Report: Watching the Recession

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All indications are that the U.S. economy is in a recession. How will this affect your job, your budget and your team? Baseline is on the case.

This year's economy appears to be pointing in the direction of a recession.

What does this mean for information technology managers, CIOs and business executives with budgetary discretion? It could mean a whole lot of strain on capital, labor, pending projects and profits.

Subprime mortgages are straining financial institutions and slowing the homebuying that fueled the U.S. economy. Downward trends in consumer spending are hurting profits across retail, automotive and manufacturing industries. The value of a dollar is in decline while oil prices are on a seemingly never-ending rise. The Fed says it will act, but will it be enough?

Baseline is following these economic indicators closely with research, commentary, news, real world examples and advice to help you manage through the challenges:

  • Baseline Research: Recession Will Hit IT Hard
  • What a Subprime Mess We've Made
  • 8 Ways to Save Your Next Project
  • Capturing Concerete Savings with Business Intelligence
  • IT Cost Containment: 5 Best Practices
  • Weak Retail Sales Fuel Recession Fears
  • Overtime Hours Point to Manufacturing Recession
  • Fed Pledges to Act to Counter Market Turmoil
  • Goldman Sachs Sees Recession in 2008
  • Bernanke's Bluntness Seems to Assure a Big Cut

    This article was originally published on 2008-01-15
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