Clash of the Titans II: Microsoft Vs. Google

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Watch out Bill Gates: Enterprises give Google the nod for better products, services and value.

If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer always sees Google in his rearview mirror, there's good reason: Google is beating the pants off the Windows folks in terms of perceived value to customers.

In a Baseline analysis of the annual CIO Insight Vendor Value survey data, the upstarts at Google are outclassing the old-guard client-server guys in Redmond in delivering on the promise of adding value and increasing efficiencies of enterprise operations.

Overall, Google earned high satisfaction marks from 79 percent of the survey's respondents. By comparison, Microsoft followed 17 points behind with 62 percent.

While the two companies are still vastly different in their structure, products and services, Google is fast becoming the more preferential brand across many critical measures.

Google routs Microsoft in its perceived ability to increase revenue, lower operating costs meet ROI expectations. Microsoft falls short of its search rivals in solving customer problems.

When it comes to delivering projects on time and on budget, Google delivers better than Microsoft in customers' eyes. Customers say Google is more flexible in their technology responses and delivers higher quality products and services.

If there's a number that should give Ballmer concern it's the willingness of customers to continue doing business with his company: Google beats Microsoft by 10 points: 95 percent to 84 percent.

Make sure to see the full comparitve results inClash of the Titans: Google vs. Microsoft.

This article was originally published on 2007-12-10
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