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What You Should Do

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Pharmaceuticals need to get smarter about using information technology to manage data. The alternative? Multimillion-dollar government penalties.

Managing Assembly Lines

Let technology help you prevent manufacturing glitches. Here's how:

  1. Identify manufacturing processes that can be fixed right away with simple software, such as secure e-mail
  2. Evaluate how technology such as enterprise resource planning can help overhaul bad processes and stop systemic problems
  3. Write policies for retaining factory data, using technology to help. Then follow them
  4. Keep detailed data on how and why deviations from established manufacturing routines happen

This article was originally published on 2002-06-12
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Kim has covered the business of technology for 14 years, doing investigative work and writing about legal issues in the industry, including Microsoft Corp.'s antitrust trial. She has won numerous awards and has a B.S. degree in journalism from Boston University.
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