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ZIFFPAGE TITLEProductivity and Operations

By Briana Hallstrom  |  Posted 2005-07-08 Print this article Print

Returns on investment for the Baseline ROI Leadership Awards handily topped 1,000%, courtesy of the Internet.

Productivity and Operations

Company SBC

Annual Return 1,191.7%

Project: At SBC, orders for DSL service were being processed at pokey dial-up speeds. With manual processing and different systems for each region, the company was overwhelmed with phone calls and excessive overtime for customer service staffers. The solution: the Batch Order Relay Integration System (BORIS), which integrates multiple applications to speed DSL ordering. The system submits orders, checks return codes, parses errors, sends updates to the older regional systems and logs order progress in a database. The system also uses a set of tools and hardware that allows technology managers to control support and maintenance for their in-house systems.

Benefits: BORIS helped reduce expenses by automating order processing and eliminating several minutes of data entry per request. Agents are now free to spend more time fulfilling customers' needs.

The Winners:
Grand Prize:
Company:American Express
Annual Return: 2,736.1%

Productivity and Operations:
Company: SBC
Annual Return: 1,191.7%

Company: InterContinental Hotels Group
Annual Return: 847%

Customer Service:
Company: Audiovox Corp.
Annual Return: 2,288%
Supplier Coordination:
Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Annual Return: 5,451%

Performance Management:
Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Annual Return: 2,212.2%

Data Management:
Company: LyondellChemical
Annual Return: 193.2%

Business Intelligence:
Company: Avendra
Annual Return: 193.2%
Public Sector:
Company: University of Houston
Annual Return: 2,354.3%

Decision Support:
Company: State of Missouri,

Office of Information Technology

Annual Return: 546.3%

Company: SkinCeuticals
Annual Return: 1,184.6%

Company: Medical Mutual of Ohio
Annual Return: 230.9%

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