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By Briana Hallstrom  |  Posted 2005-07-08 Print this article Print

Returns on investment for the Baseline ROI Leadership Awards handily topped 1,000%, courtesy of the Internet.


Company Medical Mutual of Ohio

Annual Return 230.9%

Project: With aging voice systems supporting its call centers, claims department, and sales and marketing divisions, Medical Mutual of Ohio was looking to improve its customer service. The company, along with subsidiary Antares Management Solutions, standardized on Avaya digital and IP telephony systems that included features such as call distribution technology. Medical Mutual could now route incoming calls to the right agent based on that person's field of expertise. The platform also allowed caller information to be passed from one agent to the next, which reduced average call resolution time from five minutes to less than four, and yielded a productivity boost of 6.5% for each call-center seat. Benefits: Through the implementation of Avaya voice and data systems, Medical Mutual significantly decreased call-handling times, staffing costs and the number of phone systems it manages.

The Winners:
Grand Prize:
Company:American Express
Annual Return: 2,736.1%


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