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Think Beyond Mere Alignment

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At too many companies, technology managers aren't on the same wavelength with the top business executives. Here are 10 ideas for improving that dynamic.

10. Think Beyond Mere "Alignment"

The day is fast approaching when it may be passé to talk about bridging the gap between business and I.T. For some big companies, that day has already arrived, says Merlyn, the BSG consultant. Within those companies—places like ING Direct and UPS—even to suggest there's a different language for business and I.T. may create a wall, he says.

"When you work with the most sophisticated companies, and you use the language of business versus I.T., they look at you a bit funny," Merlyn says. "They'll tell you, 'We don't talk about business people and I.T. people in our enterprise because if you ask someone here are they a business person or an I.T. person, the answer is, yes.'"

In the future, these leading companies won't be unique in seeing I.T. as a key driver of overall business strategy. Every successful company will be in that position—expecting its CIO to think of ways to use data, systems and services to shape customer experience in a way that strengthens the bottom line.

This article was originally published on 2007-08-03
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