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Big Money: What Top-Paid CIOs Earn

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2006-08-01 Print this article Print

Lead Story: Superstar CIOs See Bigger Paydays
Baseline's annual survey of the 1,000 biggest public companies found 46 top technology executives who were among the five highest-paid officers in their companies—and most of them saw their wages increase in 2005.

The Rankings: 2006 CIO Compensation Survey
Find out who's on the list and what they earned.

Slideshow: The Million-Dollar CIO Club
Of the 46 executives on our survey, 21 had pay packages worth more than $1 million. Watch this slideshow to see some of the most affluent I.T. executives in business and details of their 2005 compensation.

Opinion: Are CIOs Worth Millions?
Editor John McCormick says the average chief information officer made $115,000 to $196,000 last year—below even the lowest-paid executives on this year's survey. Do the richest CIOs deserve their pay?

CIO + CFO: Can One Person Wear Both Hats?

It's rare to find a single executive responsible for information-technology and finance management—and some say the combo is a bad idea.

The 2005 CIO Compensation Survey
See who was on last year's list.

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