Hardware Bill for Apple's iPhone 4 Estimated at $187.51

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Each iPhone 4 that Apple makes is estimated to run Steve Jobs and company an estimated $187.51, research firm iSuppli reported June 28. However, that bill of materials (BOM) tally, notes the firm, accounts for hardware costs alone and leaves out expenses pertaining to manufacturing, software, marketing, distribution, royalties and licensing fees.

Each iPhone 4 runs Apple approximately $187.51 in hardware costs, iSuppli estimated in a new report. Topping the bill is the iPhone 4's LCD display, at $28.50 - while the phone's celebrated gyroscope runs Apple just $2.60.

iSuppli has performed teardowns of each of Apple's iPhones - the 3GS' estimated BOM was $170.80; the 3G, in 2008, was estimated at $166.31; and the original iPhone in 2007 was said to run Apple $217.73. During its most recent teardown, iSuppli busted out not only its calculator but a number of compliments on both the device and its designers.

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This article was originally published on 2010-06-29
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