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Business Functionality Buzz Heats Up for iPhone

By Daniel Drew Turner  |  Posted 2008-04-11 Print this article Print

Developers working on business apps for the Apple iPhone are starting to look at what they can do with the iPhone software developer kit (SDK).

With the blogosphere rife with speculation about a third-generation Apple iPhone slated for June, application developers are dealing with the realities of how to get the most out of the next version of the popular device's software development kit.

Apple showed off the first publicly available version of the iPhone SDK on March 6, and developers are getting their feet wet. The company outlined the enterprise-friendly features of the SDK, the included development tools and Apple's plan to help third parties distribute their applications. The iPhone 2.0 operating system update for users, Apple said, will be available in June at no charge.

Some companies haven't waited for the SDK's arrival before getting to work on business applications. Mir3, for example, develops software in the "Intelligent Notification" market to provide immediate messaging applications and services for large companies. Prior to March 6, Mir3 had "already effectively designed a business application for the iPhone that essentially turns it into an urgent message delivery device, increasing the iPhone's value for enterprise users that need to communicate mission-critical information," said Frank Mahdavi, the company's chief strategy officer.

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