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iPhone Apps for Business: NuevaSync, HyperOffice, NetNewsWire, WinAdmin

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Sure, the iPhone is a consumer darling, but that doesn't mean the iPhone can't get down to business, too. Here are some iPhone applications that are winning enterprise-minded fans and helping workers stay connected to the business applications and business software they use frequently, plus a few fresh iPhone business apps that are new to an emerging application hungry iPhone audience.

Gebhardt also appreciates this app greatly, since it allows for native synchronization with public PIM and calendaring services, including Google Calendar. There's no need to install software on the iPhone, either, since it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

"This is a must have," says Gebhardt. "Plus, it's free!"

On NuevaSync's site, one of the FAQs is: "How are you guys going to make money?" To that, the admins answer that they're not certain, but it could involve introducing some form of premium paid service in the future, but assure users that there will always be a free service.

A Web-based app that can be accessed over other mobile devices, as well as Macs and PCs, HyperOffice includes a number of tools, such as forums, chat, polls, and an intranet/extranet publisher.

But Pankaj Taneja, a business development executive, chooses it for its ability to synch corporate information, and believes it's better than both Exchange ActiveSync and MobileMe.

"You can access, synch, and share your personal and corporate info like mail, calendars, and tasks on your iPhone," he says.

Taneja also likes the ability to view and collaborate on documents from the iPhone, which he feels is unique to HyperOffice.

There are several applications that let users get RSS feeds streamed to the iPhone, but Jeremy Schell, Director of Interactive Media at PriceWeber, has a special place in his heart for this one.

"During various downtimes, like in my car or between meetings, I can easily and quickly get up to speed rapidly," he says.

For those on the technology management side of life, this app is ideal for putting control of Windows servers onto the iPhone, Schell says.

"This is a great RDP client with the zoom and pan aspects of Safari," he notes. "It's well worth the $13 to any person managing these servers." The only drawback, he adds, is that it doesn't have right-mouse-click capability.

This article was originally published on 2008-09-02
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