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iPhone Apps for Business: Salesforce, SplashMoney, Quickbooks

By Elizabeth Millard  |  Posted 2008-09-02 Print this article Print

Sure, the iPhone is a consumer darling, but that doesn't mean the iPhone can't get down to business, too. Here are some iPhone applications that are winning enterprise-minded fans and helping workers stay connected to the business applications and business software they use frequently, plus a few fresh iPhone business apps that are new to an emerging application hungry iPhone audience.

Being able to access data from a CRM application while on the road is a major advantage for any mobile worker, and now iPhone users won't be left out.

Salesforce.com users are able to display all the usual type of CRM goodies on their iPhone, such as customer accounts, sales trends, and contact lists.

The mobile application also gives access to custom-built apps stored at Force.com, which lets companies create their own software for user groups within their organization and then run them on the Force.com platform.

Some users in the blogosphere have complained about the app's read-only capability, but in its July update blog, Salesforce noted that they're working on a version that will allow for input, as well as better integration with the iPhone browser capabilities.

Splash Money
Another app deemed "awesome" by user Nick Gebhardt, a sales representative at AT&T Wireless is Splash Money, which has consumer usage as a money management tool, but can also be enterprise ready.

Gebhardt notes that the application can manage daily expenses well, and that the wireless sync capability is notable.

The app, already popular in its Blackberry version, can connect online to a bank, but can also create budgets, then track and analyze spending with customizable reports and charts. Since it does continual tracking, it takes some of the detail work out of expense management, and the accounting department is going to love that little chart.

Intuit's flagship program is a business staple, so refashioning it for the iPhone should make plenty of users happy. Not only is there access to vendor and customer lists, bank account balances, profit and loss reports, and accounting info, but also, the QuickBooks Online contact info will work with the phone. 

Many users of the QuickBooks app have gravitated toward QuickBooks Online, and some appreciate the simplicity of now accessing the software from the iPhone. For example, at the Gadgetopia blog, one user noted: "I know app on your phone are nothing new, but the iPhone's screen size and built-in usability has enabled a lot better apps."

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