10 Things Missing from the Apple iPhone 4

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Steve Jobs has left the stage at the Worldwide Developer's Conference, and now it's time to evaluate what he showed off. The Apple CEO's announcement was headlined by the iPhone 4, the latest in the long and venerable line of Apple smartphones that have revolutionized the mobile market and effectively changed consumer desire.

The device includes several new features that the vast majority of consumers will be happy to find when they finally get their hands on it at the end of June.

But there are also some features lacking from the iPhone 4. And although they won't get the kind of attention that all the additions will, they are just as important to understanding what Apple's latest smartphone is all about. It's also worth noting that Apple has once again left consumers wanting a bit more if and when Apple releases an update to the iPhone in 2011. Until then, here are some of things missing from Apple's iPhone 4.


This article was originally published on 2010-06-08
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