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LinkedIn to Expand with Financial Advice Service

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2008-02-05 Print this article Print

LinkedIn, the professional social network, is getting into the expert advice game, joining Gerson Lehrman, Yahoo and Google.

Looking to leverage its base of millions of professionals, LinkedIn this year will launch a primary research service to help financial services employees tap experts for advice on the social site's network of 18 million-plus users.

Mike Gamson, general manager of the LinkedIn Research Network, said the service will help hedge fund managers and investment banks find people who used to work at a company they're interested in, or even who is working for a customer of a company they're interested in.

"Let's say I'm thinking about making an investment in a producer of product X," Gamson told eWEEK Feb. 4. "I might want to speak to people that sell that product, people that buy that product, or that used to work at that company as part of my research process to have a better understanding of how valuable that product is."

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