Vision Before Technology

By Marc S. Levitt  |  Posted 2009-03-25 Print this article Print

These nine steps will move your organization toward a more effective Web site rebranding.

1. Start with a plan. A properly executed wireframe—like a blueprint in architecture—shows you how the new Web site will function before it’s built. It is far easier to move a wall’s placement during the planning stage than an actual wall during the construction phase. The same principle applies to Web sites.

2. Don’t be seduced by technology. A Web site that is well-thought-out and easily navigable will always outperform the latest technology in the long run. Hot technological features should be integrated only if they serve the needs of the site. Don’t feel you need to include the feature du jour just because everyone else is doing it.

3. Get buy-in from all stakeholders. Too often, we see one person or group push for a Web site overhaul without seeking buy-in from their colleagues. Web site redesigns require an enormous investment of time, and the late entry of a key decision maker undermines the intentions of the group. Anyone worth getting feedback from should be involved during the planning stage.

Marc S. Levitt is a freelance writer for Baseline magazine.

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