10 All-time Great Ad Lines

10 All-time Great Ad Lines

10 All-time Great Ad Lines

Nike’s 1988 breakthrough was reportedly inspired by executed killer Gary Gilmore’s last words (“Let’s do it.”)
U.S. companies spend more than $400 billion dollars a year on advertising and marketing, but very few examples cross into the broader culture to become iconic catch phrases or punch lines. Ranker.com has come up with ten all-time great company slogans and taglines. These are brainstorms that have stood the test of time – to the point where the words have been repeated so often that consumers may have forgotten the actual products that were being promoted in first place. These items include shoes, watches, hamburgers, insurance policies, tech gadgets, candy and, of course, beer (most of the essentials in life, right?) Here we look at stories behind famous slogans and stories about them. Ranker.com is a site dedicated to declaring superlatives within the worlds of film, TV, music, games, sports, automobiles, books and technology. It claims more than two million monthly unique users.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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