This Week in Distressing Tech News

This Week in Distressing Tech News

This Week in Distressing Tech News

How was Donald Trump’s mercifully-concluded pretend run for President different from Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype?
So much happens in the world of technology and business, and in the world at large, and it all happens so quickly. The torrent of information makes it hard to keep up, and harder still to sort the important events from the ephemera, the signal from the noise. But falling behind is not an option in a competitive environment where knowledge is power, and the latest tweet can move markets or set a political revolution in motion. Deals go down, reputations are made, paradigms shift – and that’s just while you’re out for lunch. Are you mastering the data flow, or getting lost in the bistream? That’s where our handy news quiz comes in. Four out of five is a passing grade; anything lower than that score, and you may need to cut back on the Scrabulous and start paying more attention to headlines.
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