Ten U.S. Presidents' Other Jobs

Ten U.S. Presidents' Other Jobs

Ten U.S. Presidents' Other Jobs

His other job: sheriff
With the presidential election heating up, you may be interested to know that former occupants of the White House held down jobs just like you and me. OK, maybe a few of these occupations weren't quite as normal as the kind of work we do. But it is refreshing to know that not every president was a lifetime politician or lawyer before taking office. (However, lawyer and elected official are the most common "other" occupations of our presidents.) Based on research provided by Pearson Education, we offer the following quiz to test your knowledge of the vocations pursued by 10 presidents before and after their presidency. We'll provide the occupation, and you guess the president. (As always, no help from Google allowed.)
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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