Social Media Influence On Purchasing Overrated

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Overrated

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Overrated

85% of customers conduct online research for purchases after getting a recommendation to buy them, up from 81% who said they did this last year.

Social media influence consumer decisions, but not as much you might think&#151at least not yet. As customers flock to the Internet for research, the most popular sites remain those with advice from established reviewers and experts, according to a survey from the Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker. In other words, we’re more inclined to trust the mainstream media than advice from Aunt Sarah or our BFFs on Facebook. Even so, many companies are all a-twitter (sorry) about investing in social-media consumer analytics. The research suggests that efforts should focus on convincing the real convincers out there, whoever they might be. "The increasing impact of online content on buying decisions cannot be ignored," says Bill Fleishman, president of Cone. "Today's marketers, no matter the product or service, must learn how to sway the conversation by connecting with those who have significant influence over their peers and will champion the brand message." Nearly 1,055 adults took part in the research. To access the survey, click here.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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