Seven Ways to Stay Sane Around Technology

Seven Ways to Stay Sane Around Technology

Seven Ways to Stay Sane Around Technology

Coworker can’t learn new software to produce your report? Ask yourself, "How does this setback help me?" Cultivate patience and creativity (helps in coming up with an excuse for your boss).
“Everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy,” riffs comic Louis C.K. on the ways we respond to technology that would have seemed like science fiction not so long ago. He mocks people who get angry when their cell phone doesn’t respond immediately—“Can you give it a second! It’s going to space and back, for God’s sake”—or the high-speed wireless Internet fails on the plane—“How quickly the world owes you something that you found out existed about 10 seconds ago! And while you’re sitting in a chair in the sky, no less.” Though not quite as funny as Louis, Judith Orloff, MD, a UCLA psychiatrist, sort of agrees with him, which is why she’s offering up “7 Ways to Fight Techno-Despair at Work,” adapted from her book, Emotional Freedom. “We're in the ‘Age of Impatience’. We're addicted to technology and instant gratification. We want more information quicker and in fewer words.” Orloff’s point—much like Louis’s—is that we need to deal with our impatience and frustration at modern life’s little annoyances.
Tim Moran is a freelance writer for Baseline magazine.

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