Open Source's Greatest Hits

Open Source's Greatest Hits

Open Source's Greatest Hits

Oracle cedes its office suite to LibreOffice, based on the same code.
See also: 40 Fast Facts on Linux Viva Software Libre! Oracle’s announcement that it would give up control of OpenOffice.org was a big win for open-source software – or, really, recognition of a victory the open-source community had already won. Oracle acquired the office suite with its purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010; in September of that year, a faction of its developers, fearing Oracle wouldn’t support the project, broke off and created the LibreOffice suite. The day of Oracle’s announcement, LibreOffice 3.4 was announced. Proprietary applications still rule much of the world, but open-source is no longer considered fringe. Many of the biggest names in technology are contributing to and utilizing open-source projects for both their customer-facing applications and back-end operations. Think Facebook, Yahoo, IBM and Amazon, not to mention Google’s Android platform for tablets and smartphones. Here we take a look at some recent victories for open source that show how far the movement, and its enterprise-ready products, have come.

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