Mind Your Digital Reputation

Mind Your Digital Reputation

Mind Your Digital Reputation

1. As Others See YouDownload Digital Mirror for free at digitalmirrorsoftware.com to get objective insight into your online persona.
Post in haste, repent at leisure. Online communications tolls create new ways of defining ourselves in the eyes of others, says Elizabeth Charnock, author of the book E-Habits: What You Must Do to Optimize Your Professional Digital Presence (McGraw Hill/available now). Your digital presence precedes you, meaning any organization you join has an impression of you before you arrive. Once on board, digital transmissions continue to shape your image. These impressions go beyond language, tone and substance to things like the timing of your responses. Even decisions about what to save and what to delete speak about who you are. "It's critical for individuals to understand how they are portraying themselves online and how they are being perceived by others," says Charnock, founder of Cataphora, a firm that specializes in the management and analysis of electronic data. "It helps them put forth the best image, and communicate more effectively." Here's more from Charnock on how to create a positive, lasting impression.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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