Improve Your Public Speaking

Improve Your Public Speaking

Improve Your Public Speaking

Audience members are like radio towers that can repeat your key concepts; you never know who might have fifty thousand social-net followers.
See also Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. If you are not afraid of public speaking, maybe you should be. Talking in front of a crowd often ranks with death and spiders in polls of things people fear most, but even the boldest podium jockey needs to focus on actually getting a message across. Nancy Duarte, author of Loud and Clear: Six Tips for Communicating in a Way That Truly Resonates, says, in essence, that talk is cheap. Speaking is easy; being heard and remembered is not. At a time when people are tweeting, blogging, and emailing all day, every day, the best way to genuinely connect and create change among listeners, Duarte says, is with in-person presentations. She stresses that everyone in every company should know how to present and communicate that company's messages with clarity and passion. But there’s a knack to these presentations—a knack few have mastered. The key element of a successful stand-up, says Duarte, is the sound bite, the simple (but not simplistic) message that anchors presentations audiences will respond to and remember.
Tim Moran is a freelance writer for Baseline magazine.

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