If Tech Companies Were Celebrities

If Tech Companies Were Celebrities

If Tech Companies Were Celebrities

Commercial artistes; masters at diversification while maintaining strong brands.
Did you ever think about how much show biz and tech biz have much in common? No? Well, stick with us anyway. The connections between glamour and geekery go beyond a shared interest in computer-generated imagery and the use of social media to build anticipation for upcoming releases. In essence, hit-mongers within both star-making and digital circles are creative souls, often motivated more by passion than money. But ultimately, both camps serve a business-focused purpose, if only because being an innovative genius is no guarantee of either profit or long-term sustainability. Which is why we got to thinking about some of the biggest tech companies and breakthroughs of the past generation, and wondering which celebrity best personifies each one. With this burning question in mind, we put together the following list of the celebrity doppelgangers for some high-profile tech newsmakers. Check it out, and feel free to agree, disagree and even offer your own suggestion via Twitter or email.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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