Five Rules to Avoid Procrastination

Five Rules to Avoid Procrastination

Five Rules to Avoid Procrastination

If a situation feels bad, I should avoid it. Feeling anxious means there’s something wrong with me.
When I first read about Dr. Kevin Gyoerkoe, clinical psychologist and coauthor of The Worrier’s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, I said to myself, “Self, his five rules for overcoming procrastination might make a great slideshow for Baseline.com.” Funny, though, I never got around to actually reading the rules, because I spent too much time watching videos like this. When I finally did read them, I was convinced that the rules would make a great slideshow, but then I got sidetracked by more videos like this. OK, you get the joke—and an old one it is. What follows -- yes, I did get around to it -- is Dr. Gyoerkoe’s list of old rules and new rules that he so alliteratively suggests will help us all “plow past procrastination.” So don’t wait, click now! Don’t say you’ll come back and read them later -- you won’t, because you’ll already be not doing something else. Today’s the day to get things done and make space for new projects and goals. . .after you watch those videos I linked to above, of course. Really, they’re short.
Tim Moran is a freelance writer for Baseline magazine.

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