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Facebook Scores With Job Seekers

Facebook Scores With Job Seekers

Facebook Scores With Job Seekers

79% of survey participants are comfortable with employers reaching out to them directly through social media.

Facebook and other social media resources have emerged as critical elements in the modern job search. Younger workers seeking internships and entry-level jobs are making full use of social media to get leads and contact employers, according to a recent survey from Internships.com. While IPO hottie LinkedIn has long served a similar career-focused, networking function, other sites built on more personal connections are now widedly perceived as acceptable tools for professionals. And these sites are making it easier to use for work-related networking. Facebook provides CareerAmp to help users manage professional connections made through friends and friends-of-friends. Twitter offers services such as TweetMyJOBS to connect candidates with bosses and recruiters from a wide variety of geographic and vocational backgrounds. The research also shows an overall sense of optimism on the part of 20-something workers with respect to their long-term financial futures. More than 520 people took part in the survey:

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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