Asperger's in the Workplace

Asperger's in the Workplace

Asperger's in the Workplace

Famous people believed to have had Asperger’s include Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Sir Isaac Newton.
It's time for organizations to embrace employees diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. A very mild form of autism, Asperger's is found in IT departments nationwide; the Silicon Valley area has seen a significantly greater upsurge in autism cases than other parts of the U.S. People with Asperger’s often are capable of contributing to projects with a higher capacity for production and quality than their “normal” counterparts – one fictional example being Chloe from the TV show “24.” A new book, Asperger's On The Job, by Rudy Simone (Future Horizons/Available now), a business consultant with Asperger's, contends that too many managers and co-workers try to force those with the syndrome to conform to office environments and routines. Instead, they need to find ways to adapt procedures, interactions and the overall environment to the needs of these employees – allowing valuable source of unique talents to be discovered. For more information about the book and getting the most out of workers with Asperger’s, click here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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