10 Totally Obnoxious Office Behaviors

10 Totally Obnoxious Office Behaviors

10 Totally Obnoxious Office Behaviors

Don't use buzzwords in regular conversation. Please, speak English.
As is the case with+ family members, we can't choose our co-workers. So we all just have to do our best to get along, right? However, not everyone is on their best behavior while at work. Some people are prone to making invasive noises. Others are downright dirty in the kitchen. Some even seem like space aliens doing their best to mimic human behavior -– and failing miserably. Too often, the rules of etiquette are left at the office door, and life begins to feel like a Dilbert comic strip rather than a hospitable, professional environment. Here, Baseline takes a look at some appalling things workers have done that get on their colleagues' nerves. These were compiled from the following Websites: U-Turn Ahead, HRMorning.com, The Office Newb, and Monster.com.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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