VDI Adoption Holds Steady

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While it won't be the shooting star of enterprise IT in 2011, virtualized desktop infrastructure is growing -- and the 3rd biggest tech trend of 2011, says Baseline research.


In another example of a market pausing to take stock of a promising new development, the speedy pace that virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) showed in 2010 should slow somewhat. But this is not to say that growth will not continue: A good VDI system offers management, security and energy advantages, particularly in organizations with a large, disparate user population, such as those in the education sector.

For example, the Dougherty County School System in Georgia deployed 1,500 seats in classrooms and computer labs in seven schools, using solutions from NComputing.

“Buying new desktops would have cost too much,” says Les Barnett, who oversees educational technology for the school system. “We saved tens of thousands of dollars just on the initial hardware and software investment.”

Nevertheless, while we do see increased deployment growth of VDI in 2011, many other areas of virtualization are likely to get more attention, so we don’t expect VDI to be the shooting star it was this year. 2011 is the time for a good, sober assessment of this technology, to plan and strategize in order to take the best advantage of it.

This article was originally published on 2010-12-09
Executive Director of Research for Ziff Davis Enterprise
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