TV Bosses Reminiscent of Real Bosses

TV Bosses Reminiscent of Real Bosses

TV Bosses Reminiscent of Real Bosses

10. Donald Trump from The Apprentice: Demanding and overbearing.

See also: Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss. Have you noticed any unsettling similarities between the bad bosses, actual and fictional, that you watch on television and the managers and executives you meet in real life? According to a recent survey from Careerbuilder, a lot of people responded to the question, “Which TV show bosses remind you most of your own?,” by pointing to less-than-constructive behaviors observed in the corner offices on their own floor. Granted, some of the TV characters were cited in a positive light, but a larger number of the names on the list come with personality quirks and managerial qualities that hardly seem conducive to effective leadership. These folks, whether on TV or in real life, can be self-important, indecisive, bumbling and – in the case of a particular former judge from American Idol – a bit of a bully. More than 4,400 workers took part in this survey. Recognize anyone with whom you’ll be having a performance review on the list? See also: Outsmart Your Boss, Dealing With a Bad Boss, 12 Job-Killing References.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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