Seven Things Your Boss Hates About You

Seven Things Your Boss Hates About You

Seven Things Your Boss Hates About You

1. Constant complaints about not being appreciated or recognized enough.
You probably have some bad feelings about your managers, and maybe about their superiors, too. Well, guess what – those feelings are mutual. Regular interaction in confined spaces is bound to breed some level of tension, even when an employee is as sweet-tempered and reasonable as you are. Anyone who has ever managed a team has dealt with annoying behaviors at some point, and most bosses have pet peeves and frustrations with their employees to deal with on a daily basis. These issues often start out as small things, but left to fester they can turn into bigger problems for an organization in the long run. Identifying the flashpoints is often just a matter of paying attention; acknowledging these problems and addressing them in common-sense ways can make a big difference, says Dr. Rhonda Savage, CEO of Miles and Associates, a practice management and consulting firm. Getting a grip on the situation will improve office morale and build trust and productivity. Just complaining about things to your peers is not an option.
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