Five Common IT Challenges And How To Address Them

Five Common IT Challenges And How To Address Them

Five Common IT Challenges And How To Address Them

Problem: Admin costs grow as routine maintenance overwhelms database staff.
Overwhelmed by the routine work of managing technology? You and your coworkers are far from alone – in fact, three out of four enterprises say they struggle with IT management issues. And the hits keep on coming. You know the drill: Systems grow increasingly complex, while the business demands continuity and users clamor for the latest and greatest tools – and expect them to work with existing technology, right out of the box. Storage demands metastasize as the amount of information grows and grows and grows. And regulatory changes seem to constantly up the ante on compliance challenges. A report from IT Productivity Center addresses these and other common situations, offering simple solutions to routine problems. The report is the result of in-depth interviews with top IT managers; IT Productivity Center provides resources to help tech departments resolve business problems in the areas of metrics, measurement, best practices, process improvement, benchmarking, and knowledge management.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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