Essential Skills for Cloud Computing

Essential Skills for Cloud Computing

Essential Skills for Cloud Computing

Essential IT skills for the cloud: capacity for innovation, ability to recognize and integrate useful apps within the business context.
The cloud is a cultural force within the enterprise, not just a new way to run the tech stuff, says Mike Lingo, CTO of Astadia, a cloud-oriented consulting firm. The cloud environment empowers workers to take control of the apps they use, rather than advancing IT’s traditional empire-building mentality. Where IT once looked inward, the cloud demands an outward-facing approach. “It’s about becoming a center of innovation, instead of a defender of the castle,” says Hey! You! Get Onto My Cloud (Astadia Press/Available now), by Lingo and consultant/writer Jon Obermeyer. Traveling worldwide to help companies exploit the cloud, Lingo saw organizations stumble due to defensive stakeholders and labyrinthine development models. Lowering resistance to cloud computing helps provide a “clean roadmap” to IT support that arrives ahead of schedule and under budget. As Lingo phrases it, the cloud is about having all the horsepower you've ever wanted, with fewer trips to the gas pump. For more about the book click here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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