Do-It-Yourself Tech Support Strains IT Patience

Do-It-Yourself Tech Support Strains IT Patience

Do-It-Yourself Tech Support Strains IT Patience

Who You Gonna Call? Only 39% of Millennials first turn to the IT department when they need tech support.
Younger workers who grew up with computers and mobile phones enter the workforce with more technology experience than any prior generation. This makes life both easier and harder for IT support staffs, according to a survey from Bomgar. On one hand, Millennials are more inclined than older workers to seek solutions to tech issues. On the other hand, IT pros are concerned about the effectiveness of this DIY approach, worrying that it leads to security breaches. But the digital natives are who they are. “Some media commentators perceive this generation as a coddled one with high expectations,” according to David Card, author of the survey report. “But when it comes to problem solving, Millennials are self-sufficient when they can be and collaborative with one another when they can’t. They’re also highly engaged with technology, and many are interested in learning more.” More than 400 U.S. Millennials and 200 IT departments took part in the research, which was supported by Isurus Market Research and GigaOM Pro.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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