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Baseline Issue September/October 2011

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2011-10-04 Print this article Print


Navigating the GRC Maze
GRC is increasingly woven into all aspects of business, so it's vital for management to understand the complexities involved in this issue.


Extreme Makeover for Data Centers
Virtualization, green IT and cloud computing are helping enterprises transform their data centers.


Tablets Go Corporate
Tablets are remaking enterprise computing. Is your company ready?

Don’t Lose Control in the Cloud
Before entering into a cloud computing transaction, be sure to evaluate the service provider’s obligations to ensure availability and utility.


Hilton Books IT Partners for Long Stay
Hilton has partnered with five global tech leaders to help the company manage its growth and focus on core competencies.

App Development Cuts Costs, Ensures Compliance
Western & Southern standardizes software processes, improving efficiency.


Look Out: The Cloud is getting SaaS-y!
When it comes to making the move to SaaS, the question for most organizations isn't “if,” it’s “when”—and to what extent.


Clouds Help Companies Grow

Perfecting the IT–Business partnership

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

Creating an Integrated Multichannel Strategy

Doing Business in the Thank-You Economy

Challenges to Governing Remote Information

Mitigating Risk in Your New Position


STARTING POINT by Eileen Feretic
Are We All Working in a Maze?
Do you feel as if you’re racing through a maze of projects and to-dos?

Protect Your ‘Gold’ Employees
Talent poaching is more aggressive, so take care of your best people.

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