Baseline Issue September 2008

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The NFL Stakes Future of IT
At the National Football League, e-commerce, information sharing, mobile technology, data mining, information security and other information technologies are playing a major role in America’s favorite sport.

Managing Mobility in the Enterprise
Why it’s essential for IT to be involved in all mobility deployments.

Competition from Emerging Markets
Companies in the developing world are taking advantage of new information technologies. Enterprises in the developed world need to pay close attention.

Seven Sins of Offshore Outsourcing
Learn how your enterprise can avoid the seven deadly sins when implementing and managing offshore initiatives and ensure a successful offshore deployment.


Thinking Inside and Outside the Glass Box
A successful security strategy incorporates the right mix of flexibility and control, based on a company’s specific needs.

Getting a CFO to Say Yes to IT Projects
IT must help the CFO understand technology’s role, while making an effort to understand the business side as well.


Driving Growth and Value
Forbes Media turned to portfolio management to more closely align its IT projects and business objectives.


P&G Signs on to Paperless
Proctor & Gamble’s electronic document and signature initiatives are aimed at accelerating R&D, meeting regulatory requirements and cutting costs.


When Disaster Strikes
With the disasters that can threaten business, it’s crucial for IT to develop  storage and backup strategies.


Shaping Your Business Strategy
One important element of governance involves articulating a strategic vision about the role of business technology.


Starting Point
Eileen Feretic: There’s nowhere to hide online.

Tech Track
Michael Vizard: Here’s why there’s no business continuity.

David Strom: What you need to know about online backup.

This article was originally published on 2008-09-02
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